Animal Emergency Center
(816) 455-5430
8141 North Oak Trfy Suite A, Kansas City, MO 64118
Hours: Open Mon-Fri. 6pm to 7:30am
Weekends: Noon Saturday to 7:30am Monday
Open all Major Holidays

Hidden Valley Animal Hospital
Mel Falk, 17501 Hidden Valley Rd., Independence, MO • Phone 816-795-7387

John Veterinary Clinic Inc.
2302 S. Chrysler, Independence, MO • Phone 816-252-5105

Old Town Animal Hospital
13717 E. 39th, Independence, MO • Phone 816-461-5556

Schondelmeyer Animal Hospital
James Austin, 1102 E 23rd, Independence, MO • Phone 816-833-1300

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